We really feel like we are interacting with the world of Zelda! This player creates a prototype gauntlet to play Tears of The Kingdom and it's amazing…

Game news We really feel like we are interacting with the world of Zelda! This player creates a prototype gauntlet to play Tears of The Kingdom and it's amazing…

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Lledos, a DIY YouTuber, wanted to make The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom experience more immersive by creating a whole bunch of connected gear. This device integrates sensors, allowing real-time actions to be performed within the game.

When Zelda drives creativity in and out of the game

Although it didn't win Game of the Year and divided gamers while being a huge commercial success, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom was one of the key games of 2023. Deeply repurposing and transforming the kingdom of Hyrule (or rather what's left of it From him), he invites us to go and defeat Ganondorf and find Princess Zelda, who has disappeared. Sky and earth islands, villages and underground, there have been many new features, allowing the biggest fans of Breath of the Wild to rediscover the world. Armed with new powers, Link offers players more freedom.

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It is possible to combine weapons and resources, create vehicles or even cross surfaces. Enough to unleash your imagination! The game's developers were also surprised by how far players and level designers went to solve the problems posed by the game. However, there are some that are more creative than others. For example, videographer Leidos decided to enhance his immersion in the game by developing a kind of “mech suit”, and thus developed a technology-packed suit to replace classic Nintendo controllers.

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He presented it all in a video, detailing the hardware and software design step-by-step, but also showing how he synced his creativity to the game and using a real shield and sword, he fights enemies with impressive precision and responsiveness. To make the experience even more immersive, Lledos wears special gloves distinctly reminiscent of Nintendo's Power Glove, which allow him to build, carry, and combine objects, thus mimicking Link's abilities.

Lledos' creativity doesn't stop there, as he can climb walls, fight bosses, tame horses, and solve puzzles. He even uses a real bow to take down enemies, and he's even surprised at its effectiveness. This is clearly a unique creation and not intended to be marketed commercially at all. This isn't the first time Lledos has featured with its immersive peripherals, as it's also known for creating a custom ax for Skyrim or a special pistol for Resident Evil 4. It's even the origin of devices that capture the games' goosebumps to change the reaction of enemies and the environment.

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