WhatsApp updates and allows you to change the app as you wish: so you have complete freedom

A very important update is coming to WhatsApp: soon you will be able to have complete freedom in customizing the app.

WhatsApp is of course the main messaging service on all smartphones, but competition with other apps has become increasingly fierce in recent years: for example Interest in Telegram is increasing more and moreAnother instant messaging platform that is considered by many to be more complete and ergonomic than Meta's proprietary application.

WhatsApp: a new feature is coming to customize the appearance of the application (AraboNormannaUnesco.it)

telegraph, basic, It has many additional features compared to WhatsApp These have convinced many users to use this messaging app as their main service for sending messages to friends, relatives and acquaintances. To try to defeat Telegram's competition, the WhatsApp development team thought well Release multiple updates to add various features to the appSome are taken directly from Telegram itself.

WhatsApp: An update is coming to customize the app to your liking

WhatsApp has changed a lot in recent years and many new features have been added that were not present at the beginning of the app's development: to name a few, we can highlight the possibilities. Speed ​​up voice messages Or Option to delete messages even after users have sent them in the chatRecently introduced the possibility of pinning messages within chats or Big news of channels It is considered as the primary management of meta.

whatsapp application themes
WhatsApp Theme Changer Coming (AraboNormannaUnesco.it)

All these new features are taken from Telegram. You can change the appearance of the app according to your taste.

Currently this is only possible in WhatsApp settings Change chat background and choose between dark theme and light theme (Although in fact it follows the default set in the operating system): these possibilities were considered a bit limited by users who had better possibilities for personalization by interfering with colors in Telegram.

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According to a report from the app's team of beta testers, they will be digging out early versions of the app in the not-too-distant future WhatsApp may be getting a new update that will completely change the theme of the app. Apart from the classic theme, with a green message box, you can choose from other themes that change the main color of the app, message boxes and all the details with the color you want.

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