When will the PS5 Pro come out? IGN takes a look at the console's likely release date

When will the PS5 Pro come out? Considering the numerous rumors surrounding the new Sony console, the release should take place before the end of the year; However, here we are in July and still not even a shadow of an official announcement from the Japanese company.

Editor and presenter Max Scoville takes a look at how Sony has launched and launched its devices over the past few years. There is no precise rule or pre-established interval From unveiling to hitting the stores.

This is particularly evident with the PS4 Pro, the previous mid-gen update It was announced in September 2016 and released two months later, in NovemberIt rejects theories that new hardware needs more time to be properly advertised before its official launch.

According to Scoville, if Sony decides to launch the PlayStation 5 Pro before the end of the year, it has until September to reveal it. An announcement may come in November This could indicate an option to release the console in early 2025, in any case not at the end of March for obvious business reasons.

How will the PS5 Pro be announced?

We know that PlayStation will be at TGS 2024 after a years-long absence, and that would certainly indicate the company's desire. Advertise any new hardware at homeHowever at that stage (end of September) it will already be officially announced.

Well, Ryan McCaffrey, head of IGN's previews section, chimed in precisely with the reveal methods, in his opinion. Sony may not host an event Dedicated entirely to the presentation of the PS5 Pro, rather than the reveal at the end of the PlayStation Showcase or State of Play.

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In this case the idea will be Show series of games firstFor example, including the long-awaited Marvel's Wolverine by Insomniac Games, announcing the arrival of a new console only at the end of streaming, explaining its features and advantages compared to the base model.

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