Who is Andrea Albrizio, the designer who intends to revolutionize fashion with virtual reality?

Encouraging the new generation of innovators to do so is the primary goal of the Entrepreneurship Award friend s IFM The third edition was held on May 28 on the university campusFrench Fashion Institute. This approach reflects the founding values ​​of the French house, whose success is largely due to an innovative combination of style and bold entrepreneurship. Thus, it finds its perfect expression in this competition that was rewarded this year, Laura Sonithe winner of this third part, and Andrea Albrizio.

Who is AMI x IFM winner Andrea Albrizio?

The two institutions reserved the right to award the favorite award, which was won by the 21-year-old young man at the head of the team.arntreal, a unique brand where fashion and video games merge, incorporating “gamification” and augmented reality into fashion pieces. A world where the relationship between clothing and consumer is completely redesigned into an immersive experience, while preserving the physical essence of the creations. Pieces from the set arntreal Connect to an app that allows users to complete quests, level up and unlock “superpowers” ​​– augmented reality skins that appear around clothes when photographed.

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