Metroid Prime 4 is considered one of the last Nintendo Switch video games by fans and they have announced it

Game news Metroid Prime 4 is considered one of the last Nintendo Switch video games by fans and they have announced it

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As Nintendo finally revealed the first images of Metroid Prime 4: Beyond, fans realized that this was one of the last titles planned for the Nintendo Switch, so they decided to welcome the console one last time after seven years of good and loyal service.

End of an era

A few days ago, Nintendo wrapped up this month of video game announcements with a live stream full of pleasant surprises. The giant revealed to us, among other things, several new Mario games, an HD-2D remake of Dragon Quest III, but also shared the first images of the return of Samus Aran with Metroid Prime 4: Beyond, which is the program that fans are especially waiting for. Upon seeing these images, the community understood that they were seeing one of the last titles planned for Nintendo Switch.

The Switch was released over seven years ago, and is supposed to give us one last year of service before Nintendo launches a new one. A bittersweet note for players who received the hybrid console in their own way through the many posts shared on social networks shortly after this live broadcast.

The last dance

Gamers have been anticipating discovering the next generation of Nintendo consoles for some time, while the Japanese giant is still reluctant to reveal its future device to us. In the absence of fidelity, Metroid Prime 4 remains the definitive software expected on the Switch and should take full advantage of the hybrid console's resources which often struggled to run at full speed. But in the same way that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild The link between the Wii U and the Switch, Metroid Prime 4 could also see a simultaneous release on the Switch and Nintendo's new console. Regardless, we'll now have to get used to the idea that the Switch is about to say goodbye for good after giving us some of the most memorable video game experiences in recent years.

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