How to use ProRaw on iPhone 12

ProRAW Is the format intended for photography an Apple It chose to be christened simultaneously with the launch of iOS 14.3 for its flagship smartphones, IPhone 12 Pro e IPhone 12 Pro Max. For those who are already accustomed to the world of photography, the transition to RAW clearly brings nothing but significant benefits, especially with regard to post-production of photos.

ProRAW, the features in iPhone 12

On iPhone 12, the ProRAW format Apple is represented by the global reach DNG. Due to the amount of information in a RAW file, which, unlike other formats, retains important data for reconstructing the image being edited after shooting, images captured in ProRAW tend to be decidedly Heavier In terms of MB compared to compressed images.

For this reason, it is not unusual for you to come across image files of various sizes From 25 MB to 40 MB, The minimum dimension exceeds 10 times its HEIF / JPG equivalent. All this happens thanks to centralization of data directly from the sensor, and backing up 12-bit color depth Instead of 8-bit, much higher image quality.

ProRAW, when you can use the format on iPhone 12

ProRAW can be used with all single lenses on both of the more advanced iPhone models. This also applies to advanced or private modes, such as Smart HDAnd the Deep Fusion e Night mode (Or those for low-light or night photography.) However, it is not available in some cases, such as videos, which take advantage of a completely custom format and thus different, portrait mode and live photos.

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One of the amenities of this particular format is that, to edit images saved in DNG, it is not necessary to use a third-party editor but you can directly exploit the camera app as well as the images. Obviously, to have a greater ability to work with files, it is possible to direct on other applications, which are more performing or capable of working with a greater number of data collected in the file.

ProRAW, how to use it on iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Max

IPhone 12

To use the ProRAW format, it is necessary to enable it since The camera does not use it by default From iPhone. Fortunately, doing this is very simple – just log in to Settings On the mobile phone, scroll through the items until you reach the camera and press to enter the menu item.

Once in, you need to select the item Formats And activate the selector next to the sticker Apple ProRAW. Once enabled, you must also select it in a fileCamera application. Obviously, even if it is enabled, you can change this setting at any time, whether or not you want to take photographs that do not require a certain quality. Photo program operations Later, and if you want to free up storage space on your device. If formatting activation is done correctly, once you are in the camera app, you can see aicona RAW.

If the phone is in landscape mode, the icon will be placed in the upper left corner. To take a photo with the format, just tap the icon and go ahead with the shot. When selected, the icon appears without the diagonal mark placed on it to confirm the operation. Once you’ve captured the photo in ProRAW, you can follow along withEditing. Once in a roll, it is possible to recognize the photos in the format because in the upper left corner there is a sticker that highlights its specificity. To edit it, simply select the editing element in the app and follow up with all post-production processes.

ProRAW, the best photo editing app

Photo program

As expected, on the iPhone, it is possible to use Apple’s own apps, for example through Options roll. Added to this are third-party apps, such as Adobe Lightroom a Halide, One of the most popular apps for this type of editing among Cupertino app store users.

The important thing to remember is that everyone can edit the ProRAW format IPhone iPad Which supports and installs iOS and iPadOS starting from version 14.3. To sync photos through their device from the sting apple, Cupertino HQ told them it was necessary to use them ICloud Photos, Is a proprietary photo retention system that is assigned by default to each Apple account and which by default is 5 GB in size to share with other types of files such as emails, contacts, backups, and much more.

However, to obtain a professional result, it may be appropriate to transfer the image in question to a computer, desktop or laptop computer, using a PC or Mac operating system to use specific software for this process, just like the custom version of Adobe Lightroom, available for the operating system. Windows. MacOS or Brute forceFor the Cupertino OS. As with mobile devices, the Mac and Macbook Air / Pro should be able to count on them macOS Big Sur 11.1.2 Update Or later to make changes to the photos.

In any case, to get sufficient results with this multifaceted format, it is recommended to get some Cliché in a photo program, To learn the properties of the editable elements and how they affect themLook from the picture. It sounds more difficult than you might think, although there are many guides online that allow you to get at least a small portion of the topic. Alternatively, it can Start learning in the fieldManipulating image settings and knowing how it reacts to changes to its settings.

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