World Cyber ​​Games: WCG Brand Sale

The World Electronics Games (WCG) should one day rise to become the Olympics of esports. In the 2000s and early 2000s, they managed to achieve this position in practice: every year, national teams qualified to compete in many disciplines and made pilgrimages to the place, where medals, prize money and national pride were at stake.

However, controversial decisions regarding controls – such as switching entirely to mobile games – and other bugs, later led to a rapid regression to banality. Now the nearly forgotten WCG can get a second chance.

A South Korean company buys the rights to WCG

Like Ethan Ahn from BigPicture, an esports production company in South Korea, Via Twitter announced, that the company has secured the rights to WCG. After a few obscure years, they ended up in the Smilegate development studio, which did nothing for them. Now that the brand is back with a production company, the esteemed competition chain can find its way back to its former glory.

Will the old ambitions associated with the name be revived, too? Esports fans around the world can look forward to it, as multidisciplinary events have become a rarity in recent years. In a way, the old-fashioned way will be a refreshing change for many younger viewers.

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