Zoom in/Zoom out: New year, new features

Under the theme “New Year Brings New Features”, the Zoom development team introduced various innovations to the conference software. Among other things, updates should make it easier to set up meetings and take communication and collaboration to the next level.

Zoom Cloud Meeting (Windows)

New Features for Zoom Meetings

  • in a Zoom meetings can be Language translation function Now enabled by default when scheduling conferences if needed.
  • The user interface of the meeting automatically supports the language selected in the browser.
  • Videos can now be added to the waiting room, which waiters can watch if they wish, until the host accepts them into the meeting. This feature is currently available (as of January 31, 2022) for all paid accounts only.
  • Default backgrounds can be automatically reset (at the start of each meeting) to the default background.
  • Meeting organizers have the option to enable or disable the visible watermark feature during the meeting.

Innovations in Zoom Rooms

Zoom Rooms, a separate conference room app, now supports smart gallery viewing on Windows and macOS. It splits a meeting room broadcast into several video channels, so everyone can be seen in their own gallery space. This should improve communication with participants who are not on the site. With the new update, there is a new user interface for the Zoom Rooms console, which has now been adapted to the look of the rest of the Rooms and Zoom products.

New Zoom Events

Zoom-Events virtual events platform has a new feature called ‘Expo’ that allows users to hold topic-related conversations and connect with speakers and sponsors. You can move freely in space in the virtual exhibition area. If desired, representatives and sponsors can have many conversations at the same time on one platform, and participants, if interested, can preview the conversations before deciding to participate.

Virtual trade fairs can be created with Expo.

Zoom Events Expo is noisy Blog post Valuable solution for:
  • Event organizers are looking to upgrade the virtual experience.
  • Communication and interaction between participants.
  • Increase sponsor participation.
  • Virtual and mixed events.

Zoom phone

Zoom-Phone, the corporate cloud phone system, provides new opportunities to include other participants in phone calls and to ensure that no call is answered. A fourth (or more) person can now be added to existing 3-way calls via a new beta feature. The caller has the option to speak to the additional participant before adding them to the conference. Existing participants will receive a notification when an additional caller joins the conference. Moreover, the initiator of the conference has the opportunity to take individuals out of the conversation.

The function of receiving group calls when not available has been modified to be more useful and less annoying. There is a more accurate ringtone and notification whether the call is to voicemail or to a colleague.

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