▷ POL-COE: Coesfeld District / SMS Fraud: Advice from the Police

28.01.2021 – 14:44

Cosfield Police

Cossfield (OTS)

Coesfeld Police on Wednesday (27.01.21) reported an SMS scam. The fraudsters send out a short message pretending that a parcel is on the way.

Whoever clicks on the sent link puts their mobile phone within reach of fraudsters. If the corresponding link is clicked, the malware will be downloaded to the cell phone unnoticed.

Anyone who has clicked on the link is advised to switch their cell phone to flight mode immediately and report this to the police. If possible, due to the pandemic, it should be done online at www.polizei.nrw/artikel/anzeige-hinweis Straight.

Police advise: – Do not under any circumstances click on links that are sent to you unexpectedly and from unknown sources. – If the sender is known, ask instead what is behind the link and if the transmission was intended. Do not confirm the installation of third-party applications on your smartphone. Android devices are especially vulnerable here, as they allow third-party installation and thus malicious apps as well if the settings are unfavorable. – The option to install unknown apps for Android devices should be deactivated. Be sure to set up a third-party lock with your mobile network provider to avoid further costs. This can be booked free of charge via the respective service. – iOS users should not face any problems with this SMS, as the apps simply cannot be installed. However, the police advise against clicking on the link.

Please contact:

Cosfield Police
press office

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Phone: 02541-14-290 to -292
Fax: 02541-14-195

Original content by: Polizei Coesfeld, transmitted via aktuell news

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