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08.02.2021 – 14:09

Lüneburg Police Station

Luenburg (OTS)


Lüneburg – stolen without a mouth and nose cap – rioters damaged the septum

On the evening of Sunday 7/21/21, around 8:15 pm, a 37-year-old man from Hamburg is seen at a gas station on the Dahlenburger Landstrasse. The 37-year-old did not wear or wear a mouth and nose cap despite repeated requests. He also took a bottle of water and drank it without paying for it. The witness called the police. After police officers confirmed the identity of the 37-year-old at the station, he was released from the guard with the aim of returning the train to Hamburg. But instead of going to the train station, the 37-year-old returned shortly after and went to one of the roadblocks leading to the police compound. He tore down the barrier in a way that resulted in property damage estimated at several hundred euros. Police officers arrested the aggressive man who spent the rest of the night in police custody. Several criminal proceedings were launched against him.

Lüneburg – Theft from garbage containers

Initially, it was a false alarm that drove a police patrol on 07.02.21, around 1:15 pm, to a company on Bei der Keulahütte Street. Meanwhile, police discovered two men, ages 31 and 42, who were carrying things in a Volkswagen truck that they had taken from the garbage bin at a hardware store. The personal details of people living in the Lüneburg region have been identified and criminal proceedings have been initiated against them.

Lüneburg – a mobile phone for use while driving – without a driver’s license

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Since he used his mobile phone while driving, the police patrol noticed a 26-year-old Volkswagen driver on the afternoon of Sunday 21/07/21 in Willy-Brandt-Strasse. During a subsequent examination, the Volkswagen driver also admitted that he did not have a driver’s license. Appropriate measures have begun against the 26-year-old. VW key locked.

Lüneburg – seat collided and fled

Between 2/6/21, 1 p.m. and 2/7/21, 5:05 p.m., a hitherto unknown person collided with his car with a seat that was parked properly on Wallstrasse. Property damage of around 1,000 euros was caused to SEAT. However, the person who caused the accident left without caring for the claims settlement. Lüneburg Police, tel .: 04131 / 8306-2215, receive information.

Lüneburg – Lightly injured in a traffic accident

At B4, between the intersection of Stadtkoppel and Neu Hagen, a traffic accident occurred on 07.02.21, around 5:55 pm, in which the 18-year-old Mitsubishi Colt driver was slightly injured. According to previous investigations, the 18-year-old had slipped on the slippery ice surface of the bypass road. The car exited off the road to the right, overturned and landed on the roof. An ambulance took the young Mitsubishi driver to the hospital. The accident caused property damage estimated at 6,500 euros.


Coasts, OT. Naulitz – Apartment / Weekend burglary – TV and receiver theft

A high-definition television set and receiver were robbed by strangers on January 27th. Until 07.02.21 with a break-in at Naulitz. Strangers stormed an apartment / weekend home through a window. There was a good material damage of € 600. Lüchow Police, tel. 05841-122-0, will receive information.

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Danenberg – hit Labrador – unknown owner – who misses the dog?

On the morning of Monday, 2/21/2008, at around 5:20 am, a Labrador was found at Gartower Strasse, Dannenberg Nebenstedt intersection, with which a young man had likely collided. The dog was seriously injured. The owner is not yet known. A veterinarian has been called in to take care of the injured animal. If you lose your dog, you can contact the Dannenberg Police, tel: 05861/985760.


Wrestedt, OT Stederdorf – The garden wall was damaged

A stranger entered a garden fence at Stederaustraße between 02/07/21, 5:00 PM and 02/08/21, 8:00 AM. Property damage occurred in the wooden fence, but the person causing the accident drove away without concern for settling claims. Urgent Police, Tel: 05802/987150, to receive information.

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Original content by: Lüneburg Police Department, transmitted via aktuell news

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