A police officer launches the mobile application “LAMP” to help victims

133,800 vehicles are stolen every year in France, or one every 4 minutes. : An alarming figure that affects thousands of victims every day. Faced with this scourge, a police officer decided to take matters into his own hands by being creative. sheepan innovative mobile app that creates a supportive community for Find stolen vehicles.

Lamb: How does it work?

Using LAMP is simple and accessible to everyone. For the victim:

  1. Post an ad Simply enter the stolen vehicle information and post the ad on the app.
  2. Community activation An appeal is being made to the community to find the car.
  3. Recover your car : If successful, the victim gets their property back and a reward is paid to the “ranger” (the person who finds the car).

sheep Sets up a deposit system to ensure user engagement and limit false alerts.

The victim is asked to deposit €300 when advertising his stolen car (€150 for bikes). This deposit will not be deducted If this The guard finds the car as it is And before Coverage through the victim's personal insurance.


Join the LAMP community and contribute to the fight against vehicle theft by becoming a Watchman.

  1. Download the app Available for free on iOS and Android.
  2. Scan license plates : Help identify stolen vehicles by scanning license plates as you pass them.
  3. You get a reward : Each vehicle found earns you a minimum reward of €100 and “Lampions” points to climb levels.

LAMP: A Safe and Supportive App

Your personal data is protected and will never be used for commercial purposes. The main purpose of LAMP is to Create mutual aid Among citizens to combat a scourge that affects everyone.

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Join the LAMP community today and contribute to a safer world!

Download the Lamb application:

Find LAMP also on:

More information about info.lamp-app.fr

Together, let's fight vehicle theft!

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