Bagno di Romagna, Giro d’Italia’s gnome hat

For Giro d’Italia, the statues and their path will be at the center of the theater arrival promotion as well as spas, flavors and nature. The official gadget is ready: the GNOME hat made of hundreds of copies, in which Mayor Marco Pacini himself appears, in a GNOME-like version complete with a hat and a pink mask.

Giro passes today along Via Emilia to go towards the coast and Bagno di Romagna, with the Apennines, dedicates himself to the finishing touches to welcome him within a week when he returns to the north. For several years now, the mighty “spilungone” scorpion kept smiling and positioned solidly at the E45 junction in the roundabout that welcomes those coming off the motorway. Hundreds of pink and white umbrellas decorate the streets of Bagno di Romagna making them resemble large galleries. A flower bed at the start of the village hosts a thematic painting made of plants and flowers. Science High School students have started producing videos and promotional clips in the region for the series “Around the Giro”. Pro Loco is completing hundreds of GNOME hats to be handed out as guest gadgets, in association with Path of the Gnomes management. The Compagnia della Crocina and many volunteers clean and restore the parks, gardens and benches. These days will be accompanied by many other surprises and initiatives approaching the pink date.

Meanwhile, after the Martina Colombari hypothesis has fallen, there will be no special testimonies for the Bagno di Romagna stage.

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