Balthasar, small hammers, Dutch spinning head, in the north, Willweg Society pays homage to games of the past

In his barn in Ennevelin, Jean-Christophe Thieffry, founder of the Wellouëj Association, knows all the toys he has collected over many years. Balthasar, the little hammers (Hamertjspel in Flemish), the upper part of the Dutch deer or the Lion of Flanders. Games that bring back childhood memories, during village fairs or in bars.

It’s a shed that looks like Ali Baba’s cave! Toys as far as the eye can see, of all sizes, mostly wood, lined the shelves.

An adventure that began 25 years ago., says Jean-Christophe, founder ofWillwig AssociationAnd “I was an assistant principal at Biplan, a concert hall in Lille, and we were throwing a party in the district of Izmes. There was dance, music, and theater, but no games. That was when”with friends from art college, we’d set up the association. DrSince then, it has collected more than 3,000 games from the region and the world.”

Finding such an amount of toys is not easy! Jean Christophe says:With my friends, we track down the rare pearl at clearance sales and flea markets and occasionally receive donations from individuals. Today, with smartphones, it has become easier. The junk mail dealer sends a picture of the game to the association that comes to pick it up, if of course it’s worth it! “.

Today, Willwig shares its headquarters with another association, let’s play a game, and create a game library and resource center around the game.

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“A game house is an open space where you can play while you learn, but we also have an exhibition space in Ennevelin and a museum of vintage toys at Ferme Galamé in Loon-Plage,” Jean-Christophe adds.

Since the end of the second inventory, the association has seen an increase in game rentals. “People wanted to spend time together, we really felt that they needed this social bond, all generations together, a rebirth for them. We weren’t made to be alone” Enthusiast Jean-Christophe explains. “WLOur client rented our games for Christmas Eve and hearing the adults playing in the living room, the teens went downstairs to participate. It was a wonderful birthday for her! “.

And to register“Games are also very popular at weddings, they allow the families of the newlyweds to get to know each other better, and they put the atmosphere at ease!” , Adds with a smile the founder of Willwig.

At Woluigi, we love challenges, too. The association partnered with the carpentry department at Genic High School and students were able to create and make toys with the goal of making them accessible to all ages.

Jean-Christophe continues: “nWe also have our own workshop and sometimes we design games, such as a psychomotor therapist for children who wanted a game specific to their young patients’ disability.”

The association, which will celebrate its 25th anniversary in June, also organizes festivals.

cIt’s from the top of the yarn It will take place on the 5th and 6th of February at the Loon-Plage.

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