Be careful with hot temperatures, smartphones and tablets: if you use them, there is a risk of them exploding

High temperatures can affect the electronic devices we use in obvious and dangerous ways: here's how to behave this summer.

Summer heat is coming And we're not the only ones affected by high temperatures. Do you really know these terms? They can also have negative effects on electronic devices Do we use it every day now? We are talking about cell phones, tablets and other devices that are part of our daily lives and keep us socially active.

Did you know that heat is extremely dangerous for electronic devices? –

In fact, high summer temperatures can have negative effects on the electronic devices we use every day, as we said, for example smartphones, tablets and laptops. Really hot This can seriously damage the devices Accelerates aging of batteries and compromises their overall performance. Sometimes it can be dangerous Can cause explosions. Let's see how to avoid all this.

Danger of having very hot electronic devices

According to Luigi Picari, Professor of Converters, Machines and Electrical Drives at the Polytechnic of Milan, the risk of explosion is very low due to the self-protection systems integrated into modern devices. However, lithium batteries, commonly used in many electronic devices, can still suffer significant damage from high temperatures. Specifically, temperature above 95°C can induce A reaction known as “thermal runaway”, This can lead to a dangerous explosion.

Your cell phone may suffer from premature battery aging –

One of the main problems related to heat exposure is premature aging of batteries. According to Arrhenius' law, the Battery aging rate doubles For each increment 10 degrees Celsius. That means if a smartphone is exposed to 50 degree temperatures for a week, the battery will age as if it had been used for two months.

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This accelerated aging can significantly reduce battery life and compromise device performance. To avoid damage to your electronics during extreme heat, it is important to take some precautions. For example, we have Never leave devices in direct sunlight. Also, it's best to use protective cases and place devices under umbrellas or in shady areas when outdoors.

Then, usually, Check the temperature of the devices. If a device feels hot to the touch, it means that it has exceeded the body temperature of 37 degrees. So, pay attention to symptoms like overheating Slow performance or abnormal behavior. If possible, use the devices in the shade or in cool places, so you can avoid overheating.

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