SFIC launches a new mobile application for artisans

Waterproofing materials, plasters, insulators… SFIC's professional clients can register in the brand's new application. A tool that centralizes many functions, from order taking to product carbon information.

SFIC is launching its application management app in June this year Roofing, waterproofing and insulation craftsmen. This is available on Apple and Android.

From taking the order to carbon information

The Saint-Gobain brand offers Distribution Bâtiment France in its application A central professional space to manage ordersDelivery notes, quotations, invoices, credit notes, returns, etc. He can place an order directly on the app.

You will find professionalView the entire SFIC, with all product characteristics and downloadable technical data sheets. Using the SCAN function, it is possible to read the bar code to quickly access all the information.

In addition, the application features SOLU+ configuration, which provides access to the list of products associated with the project as well as their cost. This way, the craftsmen can immediately pass it on to the end customer.

With regard to environmental regulations, SFIC provides carbon data for 50% of products.

Jules Pinas
Photo: SFIC

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