This new bike shelter in Saint-Laurent-du-Var is filled with tools to enhance smooth transportation

A bike shelter has been installed next to the station in Saint-Laurent-du-Var. During its inauguration yesterday morning on Anfosi Street, the city explained the importance of this place. “We can't ask people to stop driving if we don't provide them with friendly access to transportation.” Laurentian Mayor Joseph Segura participated.

This shelter, which can park up to 30 bikes (including one for people with limited mobility), will also contain electric bike chargers, five lockers, a tire pump and tools (wrench, screwdriver, etc.), In the event of a puncture or other need for repair. “This toolbox is something that is in great demand.” The mayor stressed.

It is the first shelter of this type in Saint-Laurent-du-Var but the 89th in the region. The latter costs more than 80 thousand euros. 55% was funded by the regional council and 45% by the state. Another 31 stations are scheduled to be established in the region. “We want to develop others in the city.”endorsed by Joseph Segura.

His first deputy, Thomas Berrettione, transport delegate, said: “It corresponds to the planned bicycle paths on Avenue du General de Gaulle and the entire rehabilitation of Place Benes, so that in a year or two, Llorente residents will be able to come by bike to take the tram or train.”

Depending on the success of this first shelter, the National Railway Company, owner of the land on which it was installed, will have the possibility of expanding it.

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How to get to the bike shelter? For occasional travelers, simply scan the QR code of your transportation ticket on the reader at the shelter entrance. For Zou Card subscribers, you must first register online on the website Registration is valid within 24 hours and for one year. Access is free for everyone.

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