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Virtual Operator CoopvosTIM mobile network is active and available in the last few hours Additional 300 for 9.90 euros per monthA with promotion Specially dedicated UEFA Euro 2024 Men's Football ChampionshipAs will be the offer Can be implemented until Italy participates in the tournamentAlso provide The first 2 months are free for activation and new portability customers.

So, here we go From today, June 20, 2024As already anticipated by MondoMobileWeb, CoopVoce is launching the Evo 10 offer online on the website for 4.90 euros per month with free activation. An additional 300 offer is also available for €9.90 per monthWith minutes, 1000 SMS and 300 kg Data traffic already proposed in recent months.

However, this time comes Extra 300 Proposed during the Men's Football European Championship Taking place in Germany. In fact, on the offer page, the operator mentions: “Special promo until Italy participates in European Championship”.

so, There is no specific expiry date for CoopVoce Extra 300It will be The Italian national football team can subscribe until UEFA Euro 2024.

This way, there will be an expiry date for activation of Xtra 300 Judged by Italy's performance in the European Men's Football Championship: At this time, there will be an offer The course can be implemented till 24th June 2024 i.e. till the end of group stage.

If Italy qualify for the next roundI mean, have to Round 16An additional 300 may be viable Until 29 June or 2 July 2024 (depending on the date of the Italy match), And in the event of Azzurri access to subsequent stages (Until 5 or 6 July 2024 in case of quarter-final and 9 or 10 July 2024 in case of semi-final).

If Italy play the whole tournamentIt will come then until the endOffer CoopVoce Extra 300 will be active till 14 July 2024Subject to changes.

Who can also execute ads for new and existing customers

Coopvos Xtra 300 It can be implemented New CoopVoce customers only with simultaneous request for portability of your Mobile Telephone Number (MNP), in this case a Promotion includes activation and first two months free.

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So, as happened last time, anyone who wants to activate a new number cannot subscribe to the offer in question.

With CoopVoce offers, if activated Online with home shipping, typically an initial cost of 10 euros is required 1 Euro telephone traffic included. However, if a new customer purchases the offer Through online booking with collection at Coop Store (Coop supermarkets in Sicily and Campania are currently excluded), you usually pay 10 euros for the new SIM plus 5 euros of telephone traffic and a minimum first top-up amount for the first month before the offer.

However, thanks to this ad on an extra 300 offerFor new portability customers Initial costs are completely waived, allowing you to get the first two months free.

An additional 300 is also available for new portability customers They decide to change their offer to existing CoopVoc customers.

In this case, as indicated on the operator's website, Existing CoopVoce customers can switch to an additional 300 with a free offer changePaying like this Only the first month's cost in advance The offer is deducted from the SIM's remaining credit and subsequent charges.

However, usually, to change the offer, existing customers need to transfer 9.90 euros in one offer, which will be deducted from the remaining SIM credit with the first month of the offer.

An additional 300 includes what?

detail, Coopvos Xtra 300 understands Unlimited minutes For all national landlines and mobile numbers, 1000 SMS For all national numbers e 300 kg Mobile Internet traffic on 4G, all at cost 9.90 euros per month.

The offer proposed by CoopVoce for the European Football Championship can be implemented Also in eSIM format. Please note that An eSIM is a digital SIM.

Generally, Virtual operator with full MVNO CoopVoceCustomers will benefit TIM 2G and 4G networkTariff transparency is mentioned in the documents, along with the possibility of reaching 4G speeds Up to 100 Mbps download and 50 Mbps upload.

In October 2022, TIM completed Phase out of 3G technology, Can no longer be used Not even with the Coop Italia operator.

In November 2023, CoopVoce made it available on its website A new interactive map to check 4G and 2G coverage at every point in the national territory from Mobile network It depends, it's accurate TIM.

On the page with the map, unlike the transparency documents, it is mentioned that 4G can be used at maximum speed. 150 Mbps download and 50 Mbps upload.

From March 7, 2023, CoopVoce VoLTE technology is officially available for calls on 4G networkEnabled automatically for compatible smartphone users.

Other details about CoopVoce offers

With CoopVoce offers, minutes are billed for actual seconds of conversation, internet connections are single kilobytes without connection fees.

Maybe Exhaustion of data transport package CoopVoce offers include, Internet browsing is prohibited at no extra cost. Once the number of added SMS per month is exceeded, the conditions of the basic tariff plan will apply.

If CoopVoc is a customer Data bundle or SMS is complete The monthly limit is on offers through the expiration date, May Renew the offer early Directly from the CoopVoce app.

During the update You don't have enough credit For payment, CoopVoce offers will be suspended for 30 days, during which minutes and SMS Charged as per payment planWhen data traffic arrives blocked.

In this case, it is necessary to reactivate your offer Top up your SIM Within 30 days, otherwise the option will be deactivated.

Note that CoopVoce customers have had this service for a few weeks now Easy updateIt is possible Update automatically Your offer will be billed in the payment method you set up by paying only the correct amount of the monthly fee on the day of renewal.

About Payment planNamed Super easy cooperationConsumption costs are 12 euro cents per SMS and 12 euro cents per minute for all national numbers, 12 euro cents as connection fee and 30 seconds in advance.

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However, it should be noted that the customer can change the basic plan at any time, excluding changes Fast CoopReceiving costs of 17 euro cents per minute for all national numbers, excluding connection fees and billing based on actual consumption. The first change to the basic payment plan is freeThe next ones will cost 5 euros, the rest will be deducted from the SIM credit.

As per current law, CoopVoce offers minutes and SMS are valid Roaming in EU countries and the United KingdomUnder the same conditions as in Italy.

In this case, as far as web browsing is concerned, it is used initially Maximum limit of data traffic. As mentioned on the official CoopVoce website, an additional 300 is offered 15 kg per month.

On the contrary, If your line is active for at least 6 months, you can use the entire data bundle for the first 30 days of your stay abroad.After that, if the customer is abroad beyond this time limit, the monthly limit established by the European regulations in force will be applied, i.e. in this case 15 gigabytes.

However, once the expected gigabytes of EU roaming have been consumed, the customer can continue to browse on a pay-as-you-go basis. 0.19 euro cents per MB will be consumed till the next renewal of the offer. The latter amount based on consumption is reported on the official website of the virtual operator.

Thanks to Beatrice and Chris for the reports.

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