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Editorial by Alexandra Schwarzbrod

For teachers, a series of measures of questionable effectiveness, such as the creation of level groups, do not hide the persistence of underlying problems: staff shortages and lack of interest.

We don't know of many professions that, like teachers, have gone from reform to reform to this extent over the past decades, and let's not even mention the past few years. Every new Minister of National Education wants to leave his mark, even his name, for better or worse (for example Blanquer's baccalaureate reform which had to be dissolved when we realized it was impractical), transfers and substitutions at the country level. The pavilion is huge while the basic problems have not yet been solved: lack of staff and lack of interest.

When we know that national education has seen the passage of three ministers in less than a year, the second of which (Amelie Odea Castera, for those who have forgotten her) constantly trying to end the credibility of the job, we understand the multiple reasons why colleges these days are mobilizing against the latest reform, “Level Groups “…No sorry, 'groups', since the Ministry of National Education has realized that the word 'level' has a derogatory aspect and they are better off avoiding it.

As Gabriel Attal envisioned during his brief visit to the Rue de Grenelle, these groups were supposed to separate the “bad” students from the “average” and “good” students in mathematics and French, while the advantages of mixing were no longer in doubt. Good people are supposed to pull down less good people. The idea also seemed questionable to the new Minister of Education, Nicole Belloube, who tried in vain to cancel the project when she succeeded Attal. Most professionals agree that if there are groups, additional teachers will be needed to prevent some from being overburdened. Except… that's not really what the show planned.

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