Free VR game developed by Netflix and available on Oculus Quest

This is very surprising information that we are discovering today. Netflix is ​​behind a virtual reality video game that has just been made available on the Oculus Quest.

Eden can already be discovered It can be downloaded for free now On the virtual reality headset since its launch in the App Lab.

No contact has been made to announce the development of a game and even less for this launch. The game is simply spotted in the list of titles available in the App Lab. The most surprising thing is to see Netflix listed as the developer and distributor of the game. Maybe the first game in a long series?

Eden Unearthed seems to be related in any way Animation series Eden It is produced by Netflix. In this series, a young man is raised invisibly by robots in a world where humanity has disappeared. In the game, you get on a motorcycle that collects apples for fuel and avoids obstacles. A simple game but it seems to achieve it at a high level. The stages of the game are also interspersed with a story.

The first scores given by players are very good with an average of 4.4 / 5. Since the game is free, you can try it anyway!

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