In Brest, a new treatment for vascular diseases – Brest

Wanting to be at the forefront of treating diseases of the arteries and veins, the private hospital center in Brest (Keraudren Polyclinic) has just invested in a state-of-the-art device to “unblock” arteries blocked by calcifications or fatty deposits.

Known as the “Jetstream,” the device “is an improved catheter for revascularization,” the institution’s management explains. It is effective in performing atheromas, and “proves effective in the treatment of calcium-obstruction and chronic total obstruction”. Concretely, a puncture is made in the femoral artery above the thigh. A guide wire is inserted into the artery and then threaded through the artery to the site of the blockage. A “Jetstream” catheter with a rotating blade tip is inserted along a guide wire to remove plaques.

Virtual Reality

In this type of intervention, the vascular surgery and anaesthesia team offers patients an opportunity to escape into a soothing visual and auditory world thanks to virtual reality hypnosis. This makes it possible to reduce anxiety seen in future patients while reducing opioid consumption and their side effects. This care is part of our approach to quality of care regarding the development of day-to-day surgery and eras (rehabilitation after surgery), the medical team explains.

What does this technology bring?

Jetstream technology enables very precisely adapting to the size of the artery and the lesion to be treated, either by deploying additional lateral fins, or by orienting the tip to allow access to eccentric lesions. Finally, it is the only device with an active suction function that includes an additional control unit for serum infusion and re-suction of the removed plaque.

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With this annual investment of €55,000, CHP Brest and the vascular and thoracic team want to provide patients with precise care that is adapted to each individual case.

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