iPhone: 5 ways to customize Safari on your Apple phone!

Want to change Safari a bit on your iPhone? Apple opened up some pretty cool possibilities with the iOS 15 update.

Do you want to change your browser a bit on your phone? Safari may change slightly. Because Apple allowed Tweak the browser a little iPhone with iOS 15. MCETV explains all about it, and reveals 5 cool changes that are super easy!

iPhone: 5 ways to customize Safari

Bar up or bar down?

Let’s start with the most obvious: the search bar. Because if you have iOS auto-update, version 15 must have jumped out at you when you opened Safari. In fact, Apple has changed everything to move the taskbar.

Thanks to the new taskbar at the bottom, you can quickly scroll to other tabs. But if your iPhone isn’t Not yet updatedNothing could be simpler: Go to Settings, and choose Safari. Then check out the Tab Bar to discover this new feature.

Search background?

You may not know it, but Safari can have a background. All you have to do is know what and where to look. This time, don’t go to settings. But directly in your iPhone browser. A new tab will then open.

Scroll to the bottom of the tab you just opened, and click Edit. Show pictures. After that, everything becomes very intuitive: choose the image you want in the background of your browser. And voila. Simple and effective!

iPhone: 5 ways to customize Safari on your Apple phone!

Reader’s opinion, the iPhone miracle

Do ads bother you? You have a way to make it It disappears thanks to the reader’s point of view From Apple! In fact, this other potential organization of the web page makes it more flexible and easy to read. All you have to do is know where to look for it.

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If you still have the tab bar at the top, go to the upper left corner. Click on the letters “aA” and click on “show drive”. Your iPhone then switches to Reader View, giving you access to a more readable, flexible page.

Computer version: practical in some cases

In the same vein, and can be found in the same place, feel free to search for “PC version”. A trick that may seem as easy as it is useless…but it can be a great service when a website is down.

In fact, we all already knew this site where we can no longer put our password, because the characters are no longer displayed. Or we are no longer able to validate it. The “PC Version”, which is on the “aA” list, can save you the day.

iPhone: Safari changes by location!

Another little trick to know, change the color. Because some sites choose dark theme. Others choose an obvious topic. But Safari can accommodate that. Just go to Safari settings.

Among the checkboxes, Thus we find “Color adaptation to websites”. Thus you will have a browser that adapts well to the sites you visit… Make browsing more enjoyable !

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