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Massive Immersive, a training and digital transformation consultancy, specializes in supporting large companies with their training projects using virtual reality, augmented reality and immersive worlds.

Initially, the core business of this specialized company focused on the uses of virtual and augmented reality, and their application to training and change management support.

With the arrival of the health crisis, Colossal immersive It reinvented itself and redirected its activity to support, in the best possible way, companies facing cancellation of face-to-face events.

« Concretely, we’re offering virtual reality-inspired corporate training, but without a headset. It allows you to recreate universes, just like in games. This provides a wide range of possibilities for use by employees to learn about different digital tools or address team building issues remotely, virtual seminars, setup or networking. “James Zobessa, CEO of the company, explains.

Immersive solutions that adapt to every request

In recent months, several companies have wanted to be able to bring their teams together in interactive remote events. Massive Immersive offers a “turnkey” approach to accelerating digital transformation.

The company first analyzes their needs in order to be able to offer them a range of suitable solutions.

« Our clients often get bored with traditional videoconferencing as they are considered less interactive; We are actually nearing the end of a cycle. What we offer are innovative solutions that allow employees to interact with each other, remotely, in a fun, educational and collaborative way, especially through games. Re-establishing the bonds between employees is vital. In the current period James Zopesa adds.

Thus, the consulting firm brings its expertise in event design and comprehensive training from the ground up.

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Thanks to its partnership with Laval Virtual, the exhibition dedicated to immersive and 3D technologies for more than 20 years, the company has been able to count on the strength of its network and international community to work on these new approaches.


Dedicated support for businesses

Through its activity, Massive Immersive supports many diverse and varied players.

The consulting firm supports the group Above Styria In the process of preparing young executives. For two days, various workshops are organized, as well as a cooperative game. Participants can then apply various skills during the game. Once this is done, the team analyzes the methods applied to solve the difficulties encountered by the group. ” This educational immersive training allows you to learn through play by developing true team spirit. »James Zopesa trusts.

Massive Immersive has also worked with Common common By supporting nearly 600 employees to attend a unique Teams Seminar and Challenge online. Clustered into teams of fifteen employees, they had to solve as many puzzles as possible to get to the top of the stage. An online activity that empower teams to strengthen social bonds with fun and interactive group animations, plus strategic presentations to manage.

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The game as an educational message

In the field of education, the company has developed a partnership with Grenoble School of Management. To prepare for the virtual “Back to School Challenge” in September 2020, teams worked with faculty to make the online integration seminar more lively. Then a three-step escape game was introduced to around 800 new students.

« The game really does have an educational profession, especially in an educational system. With our team, we did everything to help them prepare for a more fun virtual return to school. ».

Interdisciplinary experience

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To create bespoke immersive solutions, the company relies on the expertise of a multidisciplinary team.

« We are three co-founders. For my part, I worked for more than 20 years in international companies in the field of instructional engineering in recent years. ” James Zopes says. “Jeremy Farrett, a principal developer, has also cut his teeth in instructional engineering. He is now in charge of the Training and Production division. Finally, our third co-founder, Tristan Perez, is responsible for analyzing the latest technologies and studying how they work in order to be able to continually improve our offerings and services.. We three are keen on immersive technologies and convinced they can be used in training! “.

Massive Immersive wishes to continue developing immersive solutions for excellence. “ Through the entire supposed geek side, we will continue to put technology at the service of our clients’ training needs. “James Zopesa concludes.

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