“Worried? Not at the moment”: Kevin De Bruyne calms things down after defeat to Slovakia

The Red Devils started Euro 2024 in the worst way, with a defeat to Slovakia. A scenario that doesn't worry Kevin De Bruyne too much.

Kevin De Bruyne did not hide when he went to answer the press after the Red Devils' defeat to Slovakia in Euro 2024 (0-1). A disappointing performance that worries some supporters and specialists. But according to the national team captain, there is no reason to panic yet.

According to him, Belgium should not only remember the negatives from this meeting. “We started well with 2-3 chances, then we made a mistake and had difficulty pressing.”First said 'KDB', who saw a certain difference in the second half. “We changed some things, it was better in the second half, but we were not effective today.”According to him.

For him, you must above all refocus and avoid rumination. “When you lose the first game, you know you have to win the second game. We will try everything, we have to regroup and we have to be more efficient. Are you worried? No, not at the moment.”, Manchester City midfielder last to the microphone Emiliano Bonfigli. The response is expected on June 22 against Romania.