“Spy x Anya” is finally coming to Switch!

Nintendo gamers will be able to rejoice because after a long wait, the excellent game “Spy x Anya” has finally arrived on Switch!

Nintendo Switch finally welcomes one of the most anticipated games by gamers, “Spy x Anya”. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Nintendo: The Franchise That Still Fascinates Gamers

When we want to have a good time with family or friends, with a console in hand, we often turn to Nintendo games. And for good reason: the Japanese studio knew about it Diversify its catalog To please (almost) everyone!

Recently, for example, we learned that F1 2024 Manager Game It will come out Very soon on the switch. Which should make motorsport fans smile!

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We can also focus on This is juicy information. Not to be missed During the recent Nintendo Direct. With a hell of a lot of surprises!

Finally, you should know that Nintendo is preparing An all-new video game inspired by the “Bleach” series. For Switch 2. We can't wait to learn more about it!

But if there's one game that should please Nintendo gamers, this is it “Spy x Anya” Who comes to switch. MCE TV tells you more!

'Spy x Anya' is finally on Switch

Among the games that have generated the most excitement in recent months, it is difficult not to mention it “Spy x Anya.” It must be said that this series has gained a huge fan community around the world, and there is no doubt that they should be happy to find this game on Nintendo Switch!

In fact, they will finally be able to Discover its mini-games On Japanese console. Chance to rack your brain while having fun!

Among them, there are certain games directly Adapted from scenes from the famous anime Like rhythm training with Yuri, as well as bowling under the theme of Peanuts. In short, beautiful winks that should not leave fans indifferent!

Anyway, I know that “Spy x Anya” is available on Nintendo Switch And you can play with it now. So it would be a shame to deprive yourself of this course!

But before you leave, know that there is also And many other pieces that cannot be missed On Nintendo Switch now. He started b Mario paper Which was released last May on the Japanese console.

Finally, we have recently become interested in Luigi's Mansion 2 HD Which has given itself an exciting new trailer. So you'll understand that we're not about to get bored with all these Switch exclusives!