Not Tonight 2: The game’s first trailer has been revealed, and a release is coming on Switch

No more robots And panic announce not tonight 2And The sequel to the first game released in August 2018 on PC. It was also confirmed on the Nintendo Switch. Although there is no specific release date for the game. Here’s everything there is to know about RPG An adventure from the British studio!

First of all, we are entitled to a tractor Accompanied by a written teaser announcing the color:

Immigration Enforcement Case 112: You’re Under Arrest. Unless your friends can walk through broken America, collect your ID cards, and avoid trouble… it’s the end of the American dream for you.

Not tonight 2 2

Next, we learn more about the main features of not tonight 2.

  • Three branching stories written by a team of authors.
  • Travel across America and make terrifying decisions along the way.
  • Open the doors to clubs, churches, racetracks, casinos and religious denominations.
  • Check out IDS, while completing a variety of silly and impactful mini-games.
  • Rhythmic games, word associations, serving burgers, rating religion, checking chicken, etc.

We’ll keep you posted as soon as we let you know the release date! For those interested, page steam Already posted and Therefore, it is available in Wish List.

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