Windrey, March 21 Automated Module for VAS Services: What is the SMS you receive?

Then “Historical results“AGCOM’s, Windrey Started Information One of its customers SMS In a novelty: From March 21 “Sarah The module (ban, version) is activated automatically for free for VAS services“All prepaid and postpaid numbers are VAS (Value Added Service) with Phone Credit or Invoice. Premium services Weather, horoscopes, ringtones are provided by third parties, and sometimes even without permission subscribers can be seen, perhaps after touching a banner.

I Is exempt from this rule Mobile Ticket Services (Trinidalia, Municipal Ticket / Parking Purchase), Banking Services via SMS (Info Banking), “Carrier Billing” (from Google Play, Apple Store, Apple Music, Microsoft Xbox Store, Netflix5, and others) Included in donations and political parties and private postal services and the global postal service, electronic services of certified delivery and certified email services.

Windrey Had already set the lock VAS by default on all SIMs enabled From 18 October 2020, So the New Testament Applicable to customers before that date. Automatically deactivate any active premium subscriptions.

The operator remembers it It is always possible to disable and / or enable free blocking of premium services through the following channels Contact: 159 by calling customer service; Chatting with customer service 159; by sending PEC to [email protected]; Windroot sales points across the country by completing and signing a special form.

“After the suspension or request for a new block, a confirmation message will be sent to you. The block or new block will be effective within 24 hours of your request. It will be carried out by your parents or anyone with parental authority,” it reads. On the company’s website.

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Operator, we remind you that today Valentine’s Day, It allows “Browse all day long from your smartphone without consuming Giga“, Then the” gift “that comes to apologize Incompetence in early February.

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