Pyrénées-Orientales – Pioneering new and immersive 3D virtual worlds, startup VRrOOm settles in Soler Digital City

Bringing millions of people together in virtual reality to experience live concerts and cultural events, such as ambitious startup VRrOOm formalizing its creation in the digital city of Soller.

The concept is well-established: one of his best achievements broke the world record for the most-watched online concert with 75 million views (a virtual concert by Jean-Michel Jarre at Notre Dame de Paris during New Year’s Eve 2021).

Virtual events are only a first step towards the formation of true cultural worlds (digital universes that bridge the internet and new immersive 3D virtual worlds), making VRrOOm a global leader. The high-growth startup expects a turnover of close to 2 million euros in 2022 and nearly 30 million in 2024.

To realize its ambitions, VRrOOm is run by a team of international experts headed by Louis Cacciuttolo, former director of the Minotaure Theater in Beziers, and director, and former general manager of large marketing groups such as Ogilvy or Saatchi in Asia. President of THX, a San Francisco-based George Lucas company.

The startup will be incorporated in January 2022 and is already hiring several salespeople and an executive assistant. Many other jobs in the 3D and immersive audio professions will be unlocked once the first fundraising is completed.

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