[Portrait numérique] To follow apps, tools and accounts from Diana Brundell, CEO of Xaalys

Diana Brundel, member of the board of directors of France Fintech, launched Xaalys in 2019. This new French bank specifically targets people between the ages of 12 and 17.

I support

Last downloaded app?

Asana, a project management app to drive feature development for the new release of Xaalys.

Which of them is necessary for you?

Uber / Bolt, WhatsApp and Spark to prioritize my emails, Google Maps … but also the weather to figure out how to dress! And news to keep me informed and know where the world is heading …

What accounts do you follow most closely?

Depending on the moment and the topics to be guided, I will more or less my discretion in the technological ecosystem, national education or general information.

The hype that defines you the most on the web?

They are myriad: they are often about intolerance and unacceptability of difference.

What annoys you the most in the Internet?

I don’t understand and often get confused by the outpouring of slander or hate speech on Twitter. There is no discussion, it becomes a juxtaposition of ideas and sometimes very disjointed positions. Social networks have become courts in which people judge or praise, right and wrong, sometimes without foundation.

What was the last high-tech gadget you bought?

IPhone 11 purple.

Which web trend impresses you the most at the moment?

Posts on Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok, although I can no longer see what private and public communication is.

Your web guide?

I do not have.

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The website or application you want to invent?

Shazam: I really like music and use it a lot!

I support

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