Spotify in-car listening tool

Spotify in-car listening tool (Thursday, April 15, 2021)
After many rumors and many postponements Spotify It unveils the first physical device that does not shine, however, for authenticity. It is actually a smart screen that was developed for automaticradio automaticScreenless cell phones (which are still the majority of vehicles in circulation), which must be connected via Bluetooth to a smartphone, even if there is no shortage of USB alternatives and audio cables. With a 4 ” screen, Car Thing allows you to scroll through the list and select tracks MusicIn three modes: touch screen, with a built-in handle and four physical buttons, or via voice commands (each request begins with “hello” Spotify‘). To be installed in the air-conditioning vents, it uses the built-in USB-c power supply that connects to the cigarette lighter socket, works with Android …Read on on the wired


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