“We hope to reach a younger audience,” says Jean-Michel Jarre, patron of Digital Telethon that brings together YouTubers and influencers.

“Telethon is expanding its reach through broadcasting across digital platforms and in virtual reality”, explains on Saturday 4 December in Franceinfo The Godfather digital telethon, Jean-Michel Jarre. With Yaël Naim, Molécule and Minotor, he presents an immersive concert in virtual reality that will be broadcast during View on YouTube Or on VRChat, this Saturday from 6pm. “Virtual reality can reach a younger audience away from television”, as Jean-Michel Jarre thinks, especially a YouTuber, Players and influencers participate to this digital Telethon. “We hope that donations will return to what they were before the Covid-19 pandemic and even more if possible!”It is ambitions.

franceinfo: What is a digital Telethon?

Jean-Michel Jarre: This year, Telethon is expanding its reach by broadcasting for the first time on digital platforms, but also in virtual reality. The evening will begin with a replay of the concert she gave in the virtual cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris on the occasion of New Year’s Eve 2021, of which Radio France was a partner, and which at that time gathered more than 75 million people in the world. This shows that virtual reality can reach very broadly, beyond borders, to a younger audience far from television.

Does that allow us to collect more than 77 million euros in donations raised in 2020, which was the lowest level in 20 years?

We hope so! We hope that all young people in turn will be a kind of Telethon ambassador to their families and those around them so that donations can return to what they were before the Covid-19 pandemic and even more if possible!

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What will Yael Naim, Molecul, and Minotaur’s immersive VR party look like on Saturday evening?

As far as I’m concerned, this will be a replay of the concert I did at the virtual Notre Dame de Paris during New Years Eve 2021. I’ll be with my digital husband, my avatar, in the center of the cathedral. For those who have virtual reality glasses, they can be inside Notre Dame and for those who will be in front of their computers, tablets or smartphones, by swiping their finger on the screen, they will be able to walk in the cathedral and have different perspectives as if they were in a room and turn their heads To look at what is happening on the right and on the left.

In addition to virtual concerts, YouTubers, gamers and influencers are participating in the digital Telethon model Z Event which raised more than 10 million euros last month for Action Against Hunger. This generation is revolutionizing charitable activities!

Yes, what is interesting about this new edition of Digital Telethon is precisely that younger generations who are affected by the presence of YouTubers and influencers can themselves become influencers in Telethon to raise donations. Then what is also exceptional with virtual reality in the context of Telethon, is that people with disabilities can enter virtual worlds. With their digital pairs, they can fly, fly, dance… that’s also the magic of the digital Telethon. It is not just an abstract technology, it also allows you to communicate with people who are geographically isolated or due to a disability.

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