The James Webb Telescope in Space will explore the universe for 10 years

The James Web Space Telescope, the most powerful ever built, was launched into space. The telescope took off from French Guiana on the afternoon of December 25 in Italy. Launching is a fundamental step in a program developed by NASA, the European Agency for ESA and the Canadian CNSA. The web will explore from a position about 1.5 million km from Earth expected to reach the universe in 4 weeks. This work is expected to last 10 years.

The telescope, with its 6.5-meter-diameter split glass, devotes much of its time to a series of “General Observer” projects proposed by the astronomical community around the world to study distant stars and planets. The most distant galaxies are the first to form in the history of the universe. In the first round of operations, these tables will be approximately 6000 hours or 250 days.

One-third of the proposals selected last April were led by researchers from ESA member countries, nine of whom are primary researchers working in Italy. Seven of them will study a series of events using the National Institutes of Astrophysics, JWST: brown dwarfs, half-bodies between planets and stars; The birth of stars in the “extreme” environment; The appearance of powerful jets of matter during star formation; How the largest galaxies in the universe form; The role of the largest black holes in galaxy evolution; First generation stars of the cosmos.

“The James Webb Telescope is the most powerful space observatory ever built, and I’m so excited for today’s launch, which is eagerly awaited by the entire global astronomical community,” commented Marco Dhawani, president of the National Astronomical Institute.

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“The web will now scan our universe deeper than anyone else’s known large space telescope, Hubble – he adds – in fact, we expect the web to do even better and better. Evolution will be some of Webb’s wonderful scientific goals.

Veronica Tucker

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