They revolutionized 3D video games… here's the story of the creators of Star Fox!

Game news They revolutionized 3D video games… here's the story of the creators of Star Fox!

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What if I told you that the creators of Star Fox were originally just young students in English high schools, who tried to go beyond Nintendo to challenge themselves. Discover their amazing story in JV Legends!

Throughout their history, video games have been created and developed thanks to thousands of different players. Of all these people, few can boast of having had a lasting influence on the medium, revolutionizing it. But that is partly what these young Englishmen are doing At the origin of Nintendo's move to 3D technology, no less!

Jez San and Argonaut

To start this story, let's introduce Jeremy Elliott “Jez” SanBorn in March 1966, he was only 17 years old at the time. He was a little genius. He mastered a number of computer languages ​​from a young age, and since high school he founded a computer security consulting company called Astronaut. A true enthusiast, Jez will learn to program his own games, Because he was frustrated after finishing all the titles he had won.

Starglider was released in 1986

For two yearsHe will be accompanied by friends who share his passion, and with whom he will develop his first games, all locked in a house in North London. Then under the name Argonaut GamesThey will come out first Horizon attacka Shoot them In 2D which will be published on the Commodore 64. Then it will continue a sailing planea complex space combat simulation based on 3D models created in a “wireframe” style. It's an excellent idea, and it was well executed at the time.

Success and challenge for Gameboy

Upon its release, Stragliter will be a huge hit, and would be acclaimed by both critics and audiences, making Argonaut a now recognized 3D expert in the profession. In this good momentum, Jez San will hold one of the most important meetings in his career. Meet Dylan Cuthbert. He was also only 17 years old at the time, and was the type of person who would alternate between graduate studies in science and programming in his spare time. Logically, he would join very quickly Astronaut Once you adjust to the studio atmosphere, He and Jeremy will set themselves a hell of a challenge.

They revolutionized 3D video games... here's the story of the creators of Star Fox!

Their goal next is to make the action in 3D on the Gameboy,support that natively runs only 2D games. To achieve this feat, they will have to do this Bypass protection set by Nintendo, which prevents porting to game consoles not approved by the Japanese manufacturer. To get there, Dylan will have a bright idea, one that won't cost the astronauts more than a pretty penny, and might even let them Get a contract With Nintendo. A crazy story you can discover In JV Legends, available at the top of the page!

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