The new Kunoichi category is now available on Black Desert Mobile

A hidden little village of the Oeki clan, located on the banks of the Turina River, breeds the newest category of Black Desert Mobile, Kunoichi. Kunchi trained from an early age to master the short and cosmic words, martial arts and subtle arts of Ninjutsu, and has the ability to eliminate enemies quickly and silently.

Kunoichi’s skill set includes: Shadow Stitch (fast cutting into a large area), Rain of Steel (hiding and dropping daggers on enemies), Viper Strike (approaching enemies with lightning speed and stabbing their vital points), Chakra Edition (Uses Ninjutsu to increase damage from his skills in strikes) Critical and dark soul).

To celebrate the arrival of the class, a series of events await the adventurers. They can get cool rewards including 10,000 Ancient Gold, 20 Awakening Skills Books, and 2,000 Black Pearls by leveling Kunoichi to level 70.

Adventurers can also obtain Abyssal weapons, including Kzarka’s short word and Noe’s Kunai, by simply logging in Black Desert Mobile.

On May 4, Path to Glory returns with Season 4, bringing a new level of difficulty and better rewards. Road to glory is a popular PvE mode where multiple classes of the same family can participate. The Adventurers are tasked with protecting the castle gate from the attack of enemies, whose strength and numbers increase with each attack wave.

Players can choose up to six classes from their family character list and need to balance their team as different skills are required in each difficulty level. Those who successfully complete this challenge are rewarded with an badge that, when used, awards combat and defense points to all characters in the family.

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