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Resident Evil Village The protagonist of an in-depth study published in the new issue of Edge magazine, in which Director Morimasa Sato Explains some aspects of the game, talks about one Big surprise The story and developers choose to lean further First person vision.

Commenting on the first aspect, Sato says, “The biggest surprise you can think of waiting for Ethan Winters in the story of this episode is” History Of the new chapter.

As we know, the protagonist of Resident Evil 7 in the village of Resident Evil, Ethan winter, Retires with his daughter Rosemary to live peacefully with his wife Mia in a pleasant and somewhat chaotic mountain resort in Eastern Europe. However, with the arrival of Chris Redfield his life has turned upside down and he has become an adversary to Ethan.

However, according to Sato, a big, unidentified surprise is expected in his path throughout the game. In addition, the director talked about the choice of vision Subjective, Which marks a significant change from the classic structure of the series already in Resident Evil 7, but still appreciated by many.

‚ÄúThere were conflicting opinions within the team that a third-person vision could bring different styles to the players. Fight, But I believe that allows subjective feeling to be fully expressed Intimate and personal fear In addition to the frustration experienced by the protagonist, the Ethan Winters story, “the director said.

We recently praised the fact that the war system includes blocking and kicking, and that Citizen Evil Village is inspired by a particular chapter in Saga.

Citizen Evil Village uses first-person vision to increase fear

Veronica Tucker

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