Valle Camonica BIKEnjoy 2022 presents the ultimate tool by Vitoria

In the beautiful and colorful Borno Square (BS), in the summer weekend 3 July 2022, Flags win over, once again the strong link between the historical company and Camonica Valley Bike Enjoy. A bond that arises from mutual trust and a shared vision in supporting a common path to enhance MTB in all its aspects.

«Having Vitoria by your side is a source of great pride. It is a historical company, with a global character, with an all-Italian spirit, and absolute certainty of high quality; First and foremost in the people who are a part of it and then in the products they make. ‘ – comment Matthew Pedrazani, president of the organizing company, Bike Adventure Team.

Matthew Pedrazani

«This is not a “trivial” sponsorship through products and tools, but a strong partnership that sees on the one hand that the organizers are committed to building a better event by focusing on the quality of services and on the other hand there are all Vitoria employees who are committed to raising the organizational bar as a common goal of maximizing biker satisfaction. »

The fruits of this union are always very visible and tangible, not only in terms of the quality of the “aesthetic” preparation that is always done with great care and attention, but also in the help that the men of Vittoria can guarantee. The day before, there will be an opportunity to check your MTB, pick up some tools, and view the offer of Vittoria’s range of products.

Ahead of Valle Camonica BIKE Enjoy the mechanical assistance car will always be ready with classic last minute interventions that save many athletes, as well as in the middle of the track, at the end of the descent, it is always useful to find some inner tubes (and whoever changes it) in order to finish the race.

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On the part of Vittoria, this cooperation is very positive, as she confirms it Lisa Colombeli, Sales Manager for Italy and Switzerland: «Valle Camonica BIKEnjoy is an increasingly successful unified reality in the panorama of MTB Granfondo in Italy. The collaboration with Vitoria has been going on for years and this is a testament to our belief in the project and its potential. Vitoria’s mission is to offer each cyclist a unique riding experience through high-quality tires and supportive activities aimed at maximizing cyclist satisfaction. We are pleased to be able to contribute to the success of Valle Camonica BIKE Enjoy again next year».


but that is not all. Vittoria’s presence in the Valle Camonica BIKEnjoy is complemented by a technical gift to all members of the complete formula, which is quite reductive to call it a racing package. In two versions, the athletes were able to test the quality of the brand by having one of the best tires, in the next edition the honor will be evenAir-Liner MTB, which is the technology center that Vitoria is focusing its attention on.

The Air-Liner is Vittoria’s mtb tire profile that overcomes any compromise between stability and traction, ensuring a comfortable, controlled ride. The secret lies in its innovative shape and polymer: ultra-resistant and lightweight. These factors make Air-Liner a filler capable of taking the performance of tubeless mtb tires to a higher level.

Air-Liner replaces part of the volume occupied by air. The smaller air intake allows the tire to adapt to the ground and cushion shocks more effectively than regular tubeless tires. The benefits of the entire driving experience, more control and safety. Damaging edges on sharp rocks is now a thing of the past. Air-Liner is completely waterproof and does not absorb liquid sealant. This ensures high performance throughout the season, and does not prevent the sealant from performing at its best. Find out more about Air-Liner MTB, click Who is the.

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In addition to the great commercial value (which exceeds the cost of registering for a race), this product has great technical value that is still to be understood, tested and evaluated by many motorcyclists; That is why Vitoria wanted to invest in this technical gift, to give everyone the opportunity to personally check how well they can improve their performance, “fly” over the difficult and technical terrain of the Valle Camonica BIKE and have fun.

To facilitate the athletes, Vitoria staff will be available on Saturday to explain the features and help assemble the Air-Liner on their bike, for use the next day.

Registration and information

Registration for the race has not yet opened, and it is expected to open from January 1, 2022For now, all that remains is to follow us on our official channels to discover the news that is still being selected.

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