Zenith: The Last City, Celestial Throne update lands with loads of new content

If you find the latest VR . Ramen A bit of repetition and stinginess in content, next update of Zenith: The Last City It should make you happy! The studio has gone to June 16, the day of the launch of the “Heavenly Throne”. The trailer gives us a look at some of the New dungeons and floating castle as well as new enemies and traps await us. With this update, the list of add-ons is rather large.

Take a look for yourself:

  • Six new dungeons filled with interactive puzzles, traps, opponents and treasures of all kinds;
  • Eight new sets of armor and helmets;
  • matchmaking for example for groups of four to eight players;
  • improve accessibility;
  • Twenty new missions
  • Improvements to the game engine for more features and interactions, but also to improve performance and provide a coherent and seamless experience in real time;
  • Various bug fixes.

Of course there will be a whole story about the castle and the throne itself:

Emerging from the violent essence of the storm that had concealed it for the past sixty years, the Flying Castle once again hovered near the surface. Adventurers will find six new dungeons in the Hanging Castle scattered around the world, filled with interactive puzzles, traps, opponents and an abundance of treasures. Assemble groups of 4 to 8 players with matchmaking, then get ready to test all your skills, either individually or as a team.

As mentioned in our test, Zenith: The Last City Not a bad game, but It still lacks depth and remains quite repetitive. Let’s hope that the Heavenly Throne will fill in these few gaps.

16 days before its release on Thursday Meta Quest 2And the SteamVR and the PSVRYou can test the update in the beta version by going to on this link.

Remember that we provide with our application Quest games optimizer-Graphical improvement of the game to make it more beautiful!

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