Another WipEout Spiritual Heir is announced on Switch

With Redout and Fast RMX, Nintendo Switch owners who still envision a virtual return of WipEout and F-Zero have something to remember in the good old days. And they can have more fun, as Neognosis Games just announced a BallisticNG port on its hybrid console in Kyoto. For those who haven’t heard of it before, they are reminded that this is a futuristic racing game that was released more than two years ago on PC.

Like WipEout, it is possible to use weapons to neutralize competitors, knowing that at least 16 ships are available to meet all driving styles. Of course, speed is a key component of BallisticNG (there are five offsets), not to mention the 35 circuits, some of which are particularly quirky. There is also a single player campaign on the program (98 events spread over ten competitions), as is the multiplayer multiplayer and VR compatibility mode.

At the moment, it is not known what Adam Chavers and Aidan Lee (the two men behind the studio) are planning to present in the new official NX release of BallisticNG, but they indicate that it will be developed from the PC code. In addition, they warn that the site is quite huge and therefore one should not expect an imminent exit.

This version on the Nintendo Switch never means that the PC version will be excluded, on the contrary. Moreover, there is a new appendix (”Masino Island“) In progress. It will include new ships, new livers, plus an additional competition. Once again, the release date was not mentioned. Finally, update 1.2.5 was released today so players can benefit from a number of mods.

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