Apex Legends Mobile has been announced for iOS and Android with the first phase of beta testing

While Respawn just announced the next Legend game forApex Legends Marking a stronger and stronger bond with Titanfall 2The news about competitive FPS never ends with the announcement of a mobile port: Apex Legends Mobile.

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Two years after it was launched on consoles and computers, Apex Legends is finally mobile. A logical choice when we know that all free competitive games at the moment are starting to do so, like Fortnite, PUBG, Call of Duty, League of Legends

Apex Legends Mobile So it will be released on iOS and Android platforms with a free-to-play modelHowever, it will be independent from other media as it has been specially adapted for mobile. In other words, there is no crossover game and it will adopt its battle card and cosmetics similar to those on consoles and computers.

Note that the title was developed by studio Respawn (while others generally call in Chinese specialists like Tencent) who have been added to experts in mobile development. The first phase of the pilot testing will begin in India and the Philippines and then gradually in other regions of the world.

However, we do not have a final exit window.

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