“Better in the Shadows” by Patrick Watson, an album that takes us beyond reality

Patrick Watson, Canadian singer and songwriter, He spent a lot of time reading this seventh composition in order to improve the lyrics, taking us to his small thoughts that expressed him.

The presence of a greater electronic dimension and the addition of modular tuning units embed us in the artist’s warmth and emotion while preserving the vocal sound.

Several artists collaborated with Patrick Watson on this new album. Andrew from Barr Borthers on drums, “Feeling Rising” is co-written with Ariel Engel from La Force, Mishka Stein provided the chords, and Elizabeth Perrault created the visual portion for this disc.

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Inspired by one of his idols, Vivian Mayer, and the way he captured incredible small moments that ultimately resonate much louder than big events, Patrick Watson has dedicated two tracks to him on his new album: “Ode to Vivian” and “Small Moments”.

The artist also explores the addiction to our inner negative discourse, when we are lost in grief to escape what is behind us. With the title “Blue”, Patrick Watson invites us to sit near a loved one and leave them together.

In this new album we can also note the musical jewelry created by chance, such as the title “La La La La La”. The result of a literal improvisation between Patrick Watson and Mishka Stein.

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As virtual reality sucks us in another direction, Patrick Watson takes us in a direction, in his world where the truth is only the one that everyone wants to create.

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