Google search brings Japanese characters like Gundam and Hello Kitty to AR

a Google Our huge catalog of things, things, and animals that you can view is constantly expanding Augmented Reality (AR) When searching. Besides showcasing a gorgeous zoo and adding a pop culture icon.Baby Yoda“Right now Google seek It also features Japan’s celebrities introducing themselves on the catwalk.

Famous names have been added here as well. It’s the case of the little cat Hello kittyAmending a contract Ultraman And famous robots Gundam. All of them can be considered as virtual models designed in the real world using your mobile phone’s camera.

It works like any other things and people the platform has already added. For example, all you have to do is do a regular Google search for Pac-Man. An option to click below the results will appear to view the character in magnified reality. The functionality is not only available on devices Android 7 Or higher, but also hardware iOS 11.0 Or even newer. In addition to the system, your phone or tablet must of course support augmented reality.

It’s an impressive catalog of options not limited to just one example from each franchise. For example, there are many Gundam options and more than one Ultraman. For a full list of characters, see Japanese version of Google CodeSo only for those who speak the language fluently or who have much confidence in Google Translate. Either way, it’s fun to go Google and test out the characters that appear.


Google is adding mini grogu to its 3D animal platform

To encourage content sharing, Google notes that it is also possible to record the scene projected on your phone with your 3D projected character. So here’s how to create some fun little videos that pretend to interact with the virtual show.

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The page also highlights some interesting information: The World’s Most Desirable Animated Characters is Pac-ManWith more than twice as many searches as Abigail to Hello Kitty. And which country has seen the most searches for Pac-Man in the past five years? That’s right, Peru.

Those: Google

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