HTC VIVEPORT and BANDAI NAMCO Pictures bring popular animation to life in virtual reality

HTC’s virtual reality app store and subscription platform VIVEPORT today announced a strategic alliance with BANDAI NAMCO Pictures (BN Pictures), the leading production and animation studio. In this context, popular animation content from BN Pictures is being transferred to virtual reality.

In the coming months, new services will be available on VIVEPORT that will enable users – from professional gamers to casual viewers – to enjoy new immersive animations and virtual social interactions. BN Pictures is known for producing original animated series with strong marketing potential, such as “Aikatsu!” And “Battle Spirits” – and the “Tiger & Bunny” series. Additionally, BN Pictures also creates animations based on successful comic book titles such as “Gintama” and “Sergeant Keroro” series. VIVEPORT and BN Pictures work closely to create and develop a VR ecosystem and provide consumers with access to a wide range of virtual experiences.

Virtual reality changes user behavior – in design, marketing, education, training, social media, and entertainment. VIVEPORT is integral to HTC’s position as the global leader in virtual reality. The company provides a comprehensive content platform for a variety of VR experiences and is constantly looking for new ways to deliver the best immersive experiences in games, entertainment, events, exploration, education, and more. The partnership with BN Pictures is enabling HTC to expand its portfolio of IP addresses, while BN Pictures is drastically expanding access to its content to users around the world.

“The future of virtual reality is about providing experiences, exploring and realizing unlimited possibilities,” said Joseph Lin, President of VIVEPORT. “We are honored to be BN Pictures’ first VR partner. Through this collaboration, we can take mobile content to a new higher level and push the boundaries to unlock the full potential of virtual reality. Animation content will be available on VIVEPORT in the coming months and more virtual experiences will be made available to our audience. More exciting content is also in preparation! “

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OZAKI Masayuki, President and CEO of BANDAI NAMCO Pictures: “At BANDAI NAMCO Pictures, we are an animation production facility that has produced and owns many TV series, OVA, web animation and feature films. In particular, we continue to actively produce original works. By combining the original knowledge of animation, planning and production that we have developed over the years with the advanced technological capabilities and power of HTC as a communication platform, we will be able to create an environment in which fans enjoy experiences that transcend physical boundaries – as if immersed directly in the world of our creations from anywhere in the world. The world. We are very looking forward to further developing this newly created space with our fans. “

The new partnership will initially cover the integration of animation content as well as development and sales resources for both companies, and ongoing collaboration in developing new animations and IP addresses as well as exploring new business areas. By collaborating with BN Pictures, VIVEPORT will enrich and diversify content for mobile VR platforms and social media – thus creating new and engaging virtual entertainment.

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