Luminar Mobile: Here's the perfect app for editing your photos on iPhone, iPad, and Vision Pro ๐Ÿ“

Skylum, the leader in photo editing software (and creator of the popular Luminar Neo), is taking a giant step forward with the launch of Luminar Mobile. This app, an evolution of the Luminar app for iPad, is now available on iPhone and Apple Vision Pro, bringing cutting-edge editing tools to a wide range of Apple devices.

Skylum shakes up photo editing using Luminar Mobile, now available on iPhone and Apple Vision Pro. This app provides cutting-edge tools at your fingertips, turning photo editing into an immersive and intuitive experience, perfect for mobile photographers and discerning creatives.

From iPad to iPhone to Vision Pro

Launched in March, Luminar for iPad quickly won over photo enthusiasts with its innovative tools and intuitive interface. Today, Skylum is expanding this experience to iPhones. finally ! Luminar Mobile Now it lets you take, edit and share great photos, all at your fingertips.

Ivan Kotanen, CEO of Skylum, comments: โ€œ Adapting our software for the iPhone was a huge challenge. With Luminar for iPad, we've created a great mobile solution, but many people prefer the simplicity of a smartphone to capture, edit, and share their photos. With Luminar Mobile, they can now get professional results and share them instantly. ยป

Successful and intuitive design

Luminar Mobile It maintains the innovative design of its iPad version, with intuitive controls that respond to touch with well-crafted motions and sounds.

This rich interactivity makes the editing experience more engaging and immersive, while providing results worthy of professional software, to name a few.

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Photographers (of all skill levels) will appreciate the full suite of photo editing tools already available on the iPad. This includes AI-powered features like Enhance AI, Sky AI, Structure AI, and Relight AI.

Luminar Mobile also introduces two new tools designed specifically for portraits: Skin AI and Body AI, which help enhance photos and capture people at their best.

For complete immersion, Vision Pro owners can also edit their images in a virtual reality environment, through a specially modified interface.

Luminar Mobile, very practical with iPad

For those who prefer a larger screen for image processing, the iPad remains an ideal platform, offering the added benefit of the Apple Pencil for increased accuracy. Luminar Mobile is fully integrated into the Apple ecosystem, enabling seamless synchronization between different devices and ensuring seamless creative continuity.

Availability and prices

Luminar Mobile is now available as a subscription, starting at โ‚ฌ3.99 for one month, โ‚ฌ15.99 for six months, or โ‚ฌ23.99 for a year, with a seven-day free trial (promo code Mobile20).

Existing Luminar for iPad subscribers will receive a free update to the Luminar Mobile app, giving them full access to the app on iPad, iPhone and Vision Pro.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Click here for more information and to download the Luminar Mobile app

Scilum, what is it?

Skylum is a global company dedicated to transforming photo editing with creative tools. Luminar Neo, its flagship product, enables photographers of all levels to realize their creative vision through advanced AI-based technologies, while providing complete control over the final result.

Skylum has been honored with a Red Dot Award, Apple Software of the Year, Best Imaging Software from TIPA and EISA, and many other top awards.

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