Mobile battery recharged…with the sweat of your fingers

Machines the matrix They were right: the human body will soon be able to serve as a source of energy for electronic devices.

distance The battery is recharged with body movementsAnother project that harnesses the peculiarities of the human body to generate electricity: sweat at your fingertips.

active sweat

engineers from University of San Diego in California Thus developing a small bandage that wraps around the finger and catches the sweat of this part of the body, which has the ability to sweat constantly. The electrodes on the bandage absorb the sweat and a chemical reaction generates a current that is stored in a capacitor.

Whoever sleeps recharges his smart watch

For example, wearing a bandage for ten hours of sleep generates enough to run a 24-hour electronic clock. In addition, the accessory is equipped with piezoelectric materials, which allows the generation of electricity at small pressures. Typing on the keyboard, on the screen of a smartphone, driving a car, and many other activities add current to the meter.

Wonderful but not without a future?

And if this is not enough, the electricity generation can be multiplied by up to ten, by wearing one of these bandages on each finger. (See the picture above). The researchers are working to make the project more practical, efficient and flexible in order to make it a real marketable solution, not just a ‘cool’ and desperate experience.

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