Nolay. Orange mobile network is down throughout Nolitoise

Since June 15, the city of Nulai and its surrounding areas have experienced significant disruption to the 3G and 4G mobile network, allowing users to connect to the Internet via their smartphones. A difficult situation for many users such as merchants, craftsmen, companies and individuals.

Fail on the Epertully

During interviews with the operator, users were informed of the settlement of the outage at the end of June, and still others have a solution … at the end of July. This is the date displayed on the Orange website. It’s far,” said a shopkeeper on Al-Gomhoria Street in the city center. A priori, the failure must be fixed somewhere in between these two deadlines.

“There is a current mobile data failure at the Épertully platform, which serves the Nolaytoise area. The technicians realized that to get to the top of this device, safety is no longer up to standard.” We are doing our best to find a quick fix, via a double rope or nacelle, ‘ says the operator, whose June 30th seems to be too early to consider fixing the malfunction.

‘We are like a disaster’

The mayor of Nolay, Jean-Pascal Monin, if he understands “that there may be malfunctions”, is surprised by the lack of communication from Orange, which, until then, has not been able to give this information to its users in the region. “I’m a bit of their silence. I need items to answer residents who legitimately come to ask questions at town hall. We try to reach them constantly, we send them emails, but we’re like a disaster.”

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