Orange, the leading mobile network for voice calls, SMS and mobile internet in Reunion

ARCEP, the regulator for electronic communications, post and press, announced on March 11 the results of its annual survey on the quality of mobile services for telecom operators in French overseas departments and territories.

Orange is ranked # 1 or # 1 ex-aequo in voice, SMS and mobile internet according to 19 of the 22 criteria measured in Reunion:

Number 1 or Number 1 is restricted to 8 of the 11 Voice / SMS Standards
No. 1 or No. 1 is restricted to 11 of the 11 standards for mobile internet

Orange offers the best speeds:

Download files with an average upload speed of 63MB / s
By sending files at an average ascending speed of 20.7 MB / s

As in 2018 and 2019, these results show that Orange continues to provide the best mobile network and the best quality of service to its customers in Reunion:

# 1 for download and upload speeds
– # 1 in High Quality HD YouTube Video Stream
– # 1 for High Quality Calls
Number 1 in average downlink speeds over 3MB / s with 96.5% of files downloaded over 3MB / s

Jean-Marc Escalitz, Director of Orange Réunion Mayotte stated: “This first place is a huge success for Orange. It is the result of the experience and commitment of Orange men and women who work every day to spread networks, ensure their maintenance and provide all our customers with the best quality of service throughout the territory. This knowledge and ability to mobilize are numerous guarantees of confidence and quality that will enable Orange to offer the best of 5G to our customers. ”

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