SFR Kids Récré: Two new games to be discovered in June

Even if it’s not quite the holidays yet, we invite you to discover some very small novelties in terms of entertainment for your loved ones. Two mobile games, specifically, designed for kids from 8 to 10 years old, who just appeared on the multi-content app SFR for kids!

Ben 10 The Power of Omnitrix

Cartoon Network regulars, available in the Plus Jeunesse package in the SFR box, are familiar Ben 10. With good reason, the story of this boy is able, thanks to his Omnitrix watch, to transform himself into various extraterrestrial creatures with supernatural powers, through the ages. Born in 2005 on the American small screen, it had several spin-offs before earning the right to reboot in 2016, and aired until last year in France. Since then, have your kids missed the adventures of Benjamin Tennyson? So invite them to find the young hero in a video game! Ben 10 The Power of OmnitrixNow available on SFR Kids Récré and specially designed for children aged 8 to 10, it has the peculiarity of alternating between two games, just to diversify the pleasures … First, in the so-called stages runner As the screen scrolls, you must avoid aliens and enemy obstacles of all kinds, while collecting energy to recharge the Omnitrix. Because then, until Battle: Mutant, you will have to use all the power of the magic clock to carry out attacks, even combos, in order to defeat the despicable Psyphon henchmen. And in the end, save Undertown!

Football Penalty Champions

Aliens, aren’t they really a thing for you or your kids? How about the most classic soccer game? It might not be so bad, this month of June, to get into the mood Euro 2020… So put on the tricolor jersey and come and compete against teams from all over the world on SFR Kids Récré! But beware, as the name suggests, Football Penalty Champions It’s a very specific game… Here, it’s not about chasing the ball or dribbling to get through the opponent’s defense or trying to score from a corner kick. Here, we only play penalty kicks! Thus, the very short stages of the game, which provide fun entertainment for children aged 8-10 during the break, for example, where your team must attack and defend alternately as in real penalty shootouts. Thus, sometimes you play with the player in front of the opponent cages, and sometimes it is the goalkeeper who has to clear the balls before they go into his net. It’s simple, fast and basic. What else ?

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Find SFR Kids Récré, the multi-content app for your kids from 3 to 10 years old on all smartphones and tablets! An option available at €7.99 per month, without obligation, at SFR.

Source : cartoon network

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