At Pays d’Auray, installing a mobile home in your garden is a no-no! Their life in a mobile home

    Mayors see mobile homes set up in their city, sometimes without really knowing what regulations prevail for this type of accommodation, whether for year-round living or for vacation. At the start of the season, Municipal Services Auray Quiberon Terre Atlantique (Akta) wrote a note on the question to help them see more clearly and avoid land installations.

  • 1 What is a mobile home?

  • Mobile Recreational Accommodations (Mobile Homes) are part of Recreational Accommodations. These are “habitable land vehicles”, intended for temporary or seasonal use for recreational use. They must maintain means of transportation that allow them to move by traction, but the law of the road prohibits their handling. They have the obligation to respect the standards that the manufacturer must guarantee.

  • 2 Where can it be installed?

  • Mobile homes are only allowed in certain locations: purpose-built residential recreational parks, regularly established campgrounds, and holiday villages classified as light accommodations (plus, implicitly, outbuildings for family vacation homes). It is a matter of grouping them together in suitable receiving areas and avoiding spreading them.

    Moreover, the installation of this equipment may be regulated or even prohibited by the provisions of a local urban scheme (Plu). There are additional restrictions on pitches sold or rented on a long-term basis, in order to combat the conversion of recreational accommodation structures into permanent habitat places, additional bans are placed within the same reception spaces that are normally accepted.

  • 3 Can you install a mobile home in your garden?

  • It is prohibited to install a mobile home in the park, whatever the duration. It must be mobile at all times, otherwise it will be subject to the same obligations as any constructions. It is still necessary for this plot to be constructible. If the floor area is less than 20 m2, then a permit to work in the town hall must be issued in advance for its installation. If the floor area is greater than 20m2, a building permit is required, as is the case with any type of construction, and may be refused for urban planning, environmental or regulatory reasons.

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