It looks like we’re legally getting a blonde phone game

Based in Australia PlaySide Studios Signing an agreement with MGM to develop and publish Ashkar from a legal point of viewElectronic portable game. The game will be based on both Blonde revenge The movies will be offered for free on iOS and Android mobile devices. According to information released today, this game will be a mixture of puzzle-based storytelling mechanisms and choices mixed with empowerment themes and positive messages from the movies. The result will be an “immersive mobile gaming experience that allows players to tell their stories”. Blonde revenge tale”.

With the way it was designed and the game mechanics, it wouldn’t surprise us if this game ended up getting close Phoenix Wright A series, also containing choice-based puzzle and storytelling elements, although this series does tend to follow a specific story that ends up frustrating your customer. We picked bids from today’s announcement below while waiting for more details about the game.

This is the promotional art of the game, it is pink. Courtesy of PlaySide Studios.

PDG de PlaySide, Jerry Sakas “This is a historic opportunity for PlaySide. Ever since the company was founded, I’ve always wanted to license a major Hollywood brand to develop a mobile address. I couldn’t think of a better partner at MGM, an iconic Hollywood studio with a rich history of up to 90 years of movie titles.” . First of all, it’s a really fun time for PlaySide. “

Robert MarekExecutive Vice President, MGM Global Consumer Products & Experiences said:Blonde revenge It is one of those iconic and inspiring brands that continues to attract new generations of fans all over the world. We are excited to partner with PlaySide Studios to bring these groundbreaking movies to mobile devices and offer consumers a new way to interact with one of our dearest characters, Elle Woods. “

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