Orange or SFR Network: new mobile plans starting at 4.99 € per month

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You can first and foremost We present to you the Le petit de Prixtel mobile plan. The offer is non-binding and also includes unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in France and from the European Union and overseas departments. In the first year, you will pay 4.99 euros instead of 9.99 euros from 0 to 10 GB, 7.99 euros instead of 12.99 euros for 10 to 15 GB, and 9.99 euros instead of 14, 99 euros from 15 to 20 GB.

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Take advantage of your mobile package on the Orange or SFR network

Le Grand Mobile Package: 40 GB, € 9.99

Always for any new subscription until April 20, Prixtel is also offering Le grand. Up to 40GB of data, you pay 9.99 € per month for one year instead of 14.99 € per month, up to 60GB, you pay 12.99 € instead of 17.99 €, and from 60 to 80GB you pay 14.99 € per month instead of 19.99 €. The offer is non-binding, calls, SMS and MMS are unlimited in France, from the European Union and foreign administrations. You also get 15GB to use from the EU and DOM.

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Giant Mobile Phone Package: 100 GB at 12.99 euros

Finally, Prixtel, until April 20, still offers the giant in promotion: up to 100 GB, you pay 12.99 euros per month in the first year, then 19.99 euros. Up to 150GB, you pay 17.99 € instead of 24.99 €, and from 150 to 200GB you pay 22.99 € per month instead of 29.99 €.

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