Suntec Impuls 2.0 portable air conditioner for sale at Amazon

The Suntec Mobile Air Conditioning Unit is a great solution for organizing hot air this summer. Suntec Impuls 2.0 . portable air conditioner allows Cooling, Dehumidifying and Ventilation is a 3-in-1 device. With its compact and neutral design, it allows it to blend well into a room such as an office, bedroom, etc.

This all-in-one mini air conditioner can provide comfortable cooling in 25m²/60m² room under high temperature conditions with 7000Btu/hr. Thanks to the two ventilation forces and maximum air circulation, fresh air is evenly distributed throughout the room. You can also program it using the remote control.

Another advantage of the packaged air conditioner is that it is environmentally friendly, in fact using R290 refrigerant, it does not contain toxic and hazardous substances and does not pollute the environment. Another important point is that the coolant can be used for a long time without replacement.

Regarding its use thanks to its LED display, it is very easy. You will be able to set the temperature to suit you.

In conclusion, we think this product is really a good buy now so we can wait for summer with peace of mind.

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